These EYES really do have it!

Published August 10, 2014 by thebeholdingeye

<img src=”http:// photo eyes_zpseb0ee04b.jpg” alt=”” />

In a word: LUXURIOUS.

Full Disclosure: I won 2 sets of these dynamic little eye treatments in a contest ToGoSpa had on their Facebook page. I had heard great things about the product and had added their Facebook page to my host of other beauty-related pages. These gals are always having fun contests so everyone has a chance to toss their hat into the ring and win some Eyes. Not only is the product delectable, the company itself appears to be a whole lot of fun.

Now, onto the review…

“EYES” are these unique-looking gel “patches” that are designed to fit underneath the eye area. Each EYE pad is infused with multiple awesomely beneficial ingredients targeted at soothing, hydrating and treating the delicate under eye area. To use, you simply pop them out of their little protective foil packets and apply one directly underneath each eye, lay back, relax, and let EYES do their work.

I like to use EYES in conjunction with my twice-weekly facial; while taking a nice relaxing bubble bath after a hard day; while relaxing and watching television; or before putting on my makeup for a night out on the town.

Now that I think about it, just about anytime is a good time to use EYES. They feel wonderful while they’re on, and leave no sticky or tacky residue once you remove them. They work equally well as a quick pick-me-up for tired eyes as they do for a full-on luxurious pampering touch when just relaxing.

There are a variety of EYES from which to choose, from Ice Water to Pomegranate to Green Tea to Coconut.

An amazing product. I highly recommend “liking” their Facebook page (not just because it’s fun but because you, too, might win a set of EYES of your own!). Here is the link to the ToGoSpa Facebook page:

And if you’d like to check out EYES for yourself and perhaps grab a package (or a few) for yourself, here’s the link to their website:

(PS: Celebrities are also discovering EYES…Be sure to check out the “Testimonials” section on the ToGoSpa website!)

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