BoxyCharm August 2014 Box: Worth your $21/month?

Published August 12, 2014 by thebeholdingeye

It’s that glorious time of the month when much-anticipated subscription boxes begin to arrive. Today was the arrival of BoxyCharm. Having seen a couple of previews, I’ve been wringing my greedy little hands in anticipation for this one and it did not disappoint. BoxyCharm is $21/month, for which subscribers receive 5 full-sized products (unlike many subscription boxes, which provide sample, deluxe sample, or travel-sized products). Let’s dive in, shall we?

<img src=”http://BoxyCharm August 2014 photo 20140812_1213161_zpseb3fff7b.jpg” alt=”” />

Here’s what the freshly-opened box looks like. Now begins the dilemma of deciding where to start…Let’s start with the brush:

<img src=”Morphe brand makeup brush photo 20140812_121444_zps89e94657.jpg” alt=”” />

This amazingly soft and nicely-weighted powder brush is by Morphe. One can never have too many makeup brushes, and I must admit this one is so nice that it’s actually one I would pick to purchase for myself. We’re off to a good start, BoxyCharm!

Next, let’s grab that lipliner and take a closer look and give it a swatch:

<img src=”Ofra Lip Liner in Silk photo 20140812_121532_zps970a087c.jpg” alt=”” />

By OFRA Cosmetics, this is a lovely lipliner in “Silk.” And silky it is…It swatched very smoothly onto my hand, with no dragging or tugging. It’s a lovely shade of pale pink that will be the perfect complement to the lipstick described below. I’m a lipliner addict so this will definitely go straight into my makeup bag for rotation into my daily essentials.

(For those of mentally doing the math, yes, we are indeed up to about $32 in retail value for a $21 box…WINNING!)

<img src=”Tarina Tarantino Lip Sheen in Pink Elephant photo 20140812_121913_zps72d3adfa.jpg” alt=”” />

Next to find its way into my greedy little hand is this gorgeous Tarina Tarantino Lip Sheen in “Pink Elephant.” Although I’m not usually thrilled with pink lipstick, this is a sheen, meaning it doesn’t impart as much of a punch color-wise as a lipstick but more color than a gloss. Also, this has lovely mauve undertones, which means it’s actually a shade I can wear without feeling like Barbie. And TT packaging, as always, is both dramatic and classy. The lipstick is lovely, but the packaging is downright gorgeous. I’m always thrilled when TT products make it into my subscription boxes…this is no exception!

<img src=”http://Model Co. Cheek & Lip Stain photo 20140812_122030_zps543208d5.jpg” alt=”” />

Next up is a full-sized tube of ModelCo CHEEK + LIPS tint in Rosy Red. I’m usually skeptical about cheek gels because if you don’t blend quickly or thoroughly enough, you can end up with a streaky uneven disaster on your cheeks and look more like you have a rash than a healthy glow. This product, however, did spread very evenly and thoroughly when I swatched it on my hand. And it smelled DELICIOUS…like, I wanted to lick it off of my hand, cotton-candy delicious. Nice touch, ModelCo! Definitely will use this little treasure on those days when I want a more natural look.

<img src=”http://Enterpronoun Blowtorch Bronzer photo 20140812_122344_zps90da0cf6.jpg” alt=”” />
<img src=”Enterpronoun Blowtorch Bronzer photo 20140812_122330_zps4f45fbc7.jpg” alt=”” />

The last item in the box, which merits 2 photos, 1 for its gorgeous packaging and 1 for it’s generous contents, is Enter Pronoun BLOWTORCH Bronzer. Okay, I’m a sucker for clever names and gorgeous packaging, and this item provided both. The packaging on this is A-MAZING. And I’m not that easily impressed (especially when I’m still on my first cup of coffee for the day). It’s a lovely shade, not too orange and not too muddy, without a hint of glimmer, shimmer or “Let’s Disco”…just lovely. And again, that packaging…WOW! This will definitely come in handy this fall and winter when I’m as pale as a ghost and look downright sickly if I’m not wearing some sort of makeup.

All 5 products have a combined retail value of a little over $100…for which I paid $21.

More importantly that the cost is that these are products that I will actually USE. They will all go into my regular makeup rotation. Also of note, the products I’ve received are a perfect match for my skin tone; however, I honestly think they would work on pretty much any skin tone, from the fair to the tanned to the richer complected.

I can’t even fathom getting all of these products for $21 at my local drugstore. The value of this box is amazing and I feel it’s definitely $21 of my hard-earned money very well spent.

If you’d like to check out BoxyCharm, go here:

And feel free to use my referral code if you decide you’d like to sign up and get your own Christmas-Every-Month subscription box: ZU1VYmk0RkJjUk1tRE41RzJKRDEzb200ajZQTVVPbFc=

Tomorrow brings the monthly IPSY Glam Bag….Stay tuned!!!


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