BH Cosmetics Makeup Brush Set Pictures and Review

Published September 13, 2014 by thebeholdingeye

Well, having brushes strewn about in various places by various makers, I finally decided to indulge in a reasonably-priced set of makeup brushes that actually matched and had their own storage area.

I’d been hearing pretty favorable reviews about BH Cosmetics, not only about their cosmetics in general, but in particular about their brush sets. Now, I don’t mind paying top dollar for high-end products but if I can find a reasonable substitution for a high-end product at a fraction of the price, I’m all over that deal. It frees up money to spend on other things…Like more makeup or another subscription box or SHOES.

After perusing the BH Cosmetics site and finding a number of really impressive sales, I decided to go with the 24-Piece Burgundy Brush Set which was rated 4.3 out of 5 possible stars by reviewers, as well as a lip gloss and lipstick to check out the quality of those as well.

Shipping was very fast. I ordered these on Tuesday night and they arrived bright and early Saturday morning.

Here is what the case (brushes contained inside) looked like out of the bag:

<img src=" photo 20140913_121105_zps12c12216.jpg” alt=”” />

This baby is BIG. It’s much larger than I was anticipating (dimensions weren’t given that I saw on the BH Cosmetics website). It’s aesthetically pleasing and looks like a nice alligator skin clutch that one could carry for an evening out.

I was also really impressed with the closure/clasp on this clutch, too. Really a pretty and classy touch with the gold closure and the logo:

<img src=" photo 20140913_121115_zpsfbaaba41.jpg” alt=”” />

Now for what’s inside the lovely clutch, the brushes themselves. Here are a few random shots of the various brushes. They range from a huge fan brush to a foundation brush to various eye lining and shadow brushes to a mascara wand to a lash/brow grooming brush. If you need any type of brush, I’d say you’re probably going to find it in this kit.

<img src=" photo 20140913_121242_zps26b607d5.jpg” alt=”” />

<img src=" photo 20140913_121249_zpse80a5e03.jpg” alt=”” />

<img src="http:// photo 20140913_121253_zpsa4c23b67.jpg” alt=”” />

<img src="http:// photo 20140913_121200_zpsdde7fbc5.jpg” alt=”” />

Beautiful presentation, the brushes that should be soft feel very soft, the stiff brushes feel stiff enough to do the job, and overall I’m a very happy camper with this set. Full disclosure: I haven’t used them with makeup yet (hey, it’s Saturday, I overslept, and I’ve only had one cup of coffee so far) but have done the “touch” test and feel these are very comparable to the quality of Eco Tools or ELF Studio.

PROS: Great price, seem to be of high-average quality, fast shipment; also, note that BH Cosmetics always has specials and promo codes and coupon codes and their website is tons of fun what with their vast array of palettes and sets.
CONS: Ye gads, this poor set smells like chemical warfare gone bad. It’s going to need to be aired out for awhile after being trapped in that plastic in which it was wrapped. I realize the clutch is faux and not real leather but the scent is a bit overpowering. I’ve left it out unfolded so air can circulate to it. That, however, is the ONLY con I’ve found about this set and, hey, for this price, I don’t mind airing it out for a couple of days. It’s not like I was putting on makeup today anyway so I’m good with that.

And here are the lipstick (“Toasted”) and lip gloss (“Office Queen”, love the name AND the color) to which I treated myself when I ordered the brushes. Both go on smooth, have great pigment, and coupled together are my PERFECT nude lip. The “Toasted” is much more tan than pink, the lighting in the picture is a bit deceptive. Well done, BH Cosmetics!

<img src=" photo 20140913_121902_zps2695ede7.jpg” alt=”” />

<img src=" photo 20140913_121926_zpsf7d83f23.jpg” alt=”” />

All in all, I was out about $25 for the amazing brush set, the lipstick, and the lip gloss. As I said, BH Cosmetics can be found on Facebook (links to their FB page and website below), and ALWAYS have special deals going. I even saw the set I ordered on for $16 or so a week or so before I got around to ordering it. I intend to order more products from BH Cosmetics in the future and hope that I’m as pleased with all of their products as I am these 3.

BH Cosmetics Website: (this will take you to the set I purchased and then you can navigate from there)

BH Cosmetics Facebook:

Until next time, stay beautiful…and feel free to follow me:

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