Published September 23, 2014 by thebeholdingeye

I’ve been sitting on the fence about signing up for this box. Some months it appears to really knock it out of the proverbial park…other months, not so much. While I continue this great mental debate with myself (and it gets pretty heated up there in my work-addled brain with these debates going on, that’s for sure), I decided to share a couple of spoilers of which I’ve become aware and a coupon code so those of you sitting on that fence with me debating subscribing might decide to take the Allure Sample Society/Beauty Bar leap.

Here’s sneak peak #1:

<img src=" photo 10669987_746502625385347_3736602940303571081_n_zps55ffd389.jpg” alt=”” />

An apparently deluxe travel-sized Bobbi Brown Smoky Eye Mascara in Black. I’ve got tons of mascaras so this isn’t really making me snatch up my debit card and take the plunge.

Here’s sneak peek #2:

<img src="http:// photo sssneakpeak1_zpse45f39d8.jpg” alt=”” />

It’s a deluxe trial size of Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Serum. Pretty sure I could score this for free from my local Estee Lauder cosmetics department. Still not really giddy with anticipation over this sneak peek, either.

So, there I sit, my lovely readers. Still perched on the Allure Sample Society/Beauty Bar fence with a foot on each side debating on taking the plunge.

Personally, I think I’m going to wait for another sneak peek that might persuade me to whip out that trusty debit card and give it a go.

But, just in case you, my lovely, would like to hop on the YES side of the fence, here’s a little $5 off coupon code for you to enjoy:

<img src=" photo 10649706_743951812307095_3180612663532071269_n_zpsdc104efb.jpg” alt=”” />


And that’s it for now…Be sure to subscribe for updates on the big October GIVEAWAY right here on this blog, as well as reviews of the September Glossybox and others that come rolling in.

In the meantime, feel free to follow me on the following social media:

Until next time, stay beautiful!


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