Published October 20, 2014 by thebeholdingeye

Lip Monthly is one of my favorite little guilty pleasures. It’s only $10/month for which you get 4 lips products and a “monthly mix-up.” It doesn’t boast high-end products and it delivers great, sometimes little-known products, for subscribers to try…and this month they even mixed it up with a new bag. I had heard the October bag would have products geared more towards fall, and Lip Monthly did not disappoint. I love this little subscription. It’s a lot of fun, and my daughter and I usually share the contents, so for $10, it’s quite a bargain for Casa Beholding Eye.

Let’s see what surprises the October bag holds.


And speaking of “the bag,” gotta love this one…Great fall colors and I’m a total sucker for anything purple (or pink). Nice job, Lip Monthly!

And now for the contents…


Looking good…Right off the bat I see a nude-colored lipstick. I’m totally addicted to lipsticks and lip glosses in the nude/taupe/tan/beige/brown family, so for me this single item already makes the October bag a huge hit!


By J-Cat Beauty, this is Fabtabulous lipstick in shade FL107 Honeycrisp.
(RETAIL VALUE: $2.99 on J-Cat’s website)


Well, this is an interesting product. By Look Devine, it’s a shimmering plum lip balm that contains resveratrol, grapeseed oil, and red wine antioxidants. Fabulous ingredients and just enough color payoff to make it perfect for casual wear while keeping lips healthy and moisturized at the same time.
(RETAIL VALUE: $4.50 based on a set on the Look Devine website).


Next is a product I’ve been wanting to try. This one is Starlooks Lip Sugar. This is a brown-sugar-based lip scrub that smells absolutely delicious…in fact, dangerously delicious, like I’m-going-to-lick-it-off-of-my-lips-immediately delicious. This will be perfect to use before the Look Devine lip balm. NOM.
(RETAIL VALUE: $2 based on Starlooks’ website)


This month’s “mix-up” is an eyeliner by LA Girl in the shade GP618 Blue Metallic. As with my lips, I tend to stick with what works best for me, and sadly Blue Metallic isn’t one of those shades. My daughter will be inheriting this gem, and she’ll be delighted with it.
(RETAIL VALUE: $3.00 based on LA Girl’s website)


And the last little lip treasure in this month’s bag is a lip balm by Noyah in Cherry. This is labeled as “kosher” and is apparently all natural with only 4 ingredients.
(RETAIL VALUE: $3.99 based on Noyah’s website).

And there we have it, the October Lip Monthly bag. Costing only $10/month, the contents of this bag have an estimated retail value of $17, so in this box-a-holic’s humble opinion, it’s a good value and gives me a chance to try 5 new products that I’ve never previously used. Also, everything is full-sized (with the exception of maybe the Starlooks brown sugar lip scrub, but I believe this is full-sized as they sell in a set of 5 on the Starlooks website).

Brava, Lip Monthly, and thank you once again for providing me with 5 fun products that will surely be put to good use…and 2 lip balms are fantastic now that the cooler (and drier) weather is kicking in here in sunny central California.

If you’d like to check out Lip Monthly and perhaps even subscribe, here are some links to help you out:


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Until next time, stay beautiful…and if you haven’t entered the Big October Beauty Giveaway, here is the link so you can jump in now…You definitely don’t want to miss out on a chance to win this amazing haul of makeup and beauty treasures!

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