I’m a single mother of an adult daughter (who just happens to be the light of my life) and “mommy” to my little ray of sunshine, Pigsy, my little female chihuahua who is now 8 years old.

Besides being addicted to all things beauty-related, I also love to cook and bake, and I also love to knit and crochet.  I can quilt, too, but need to brush up on that particular skill.

I’m self-employed and work from home, my profession being that of a Medical Language Specialist (which pretty much means it’s my job to make sure what ends up in your – the patient – medical record is accurate).

I also love the water and anything beach- or ocean-related.  After having lived in coastal California for several years, I find myself now located in central California, where the nearest beach is about 3 hours away.  My dream is to move back to a coastal town within the next 2 years, maybe even a relocation to the east coast and, in particular, Maine.  That’s my dream…and we all need to have our own personal dream to follow in life and have as much fun as possible while doing so.

So while I’m working towards my dream of relocating back to a coastal town, I hope to keep you entertained with various blog topics and product reviews, subscription unboxings, heads up on great deals, sales, giveaways, and contests, and share with you some of things that I enjoy…And feel free to reciprocate via the comments.  I love reading them all!

If you need to contact me for anything else, I can be reached at samorelion@gmail.com.

Welcome aboard and stay beautiful!

2 comments on “About

  • Your email caught my eye to be truthful. I am a true Morelion and we must be related. This is a unique last name as you know. I am curious to know we may be related. I too am a Cali girl;) it’s a small world;)


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