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Beauty Box 5 (BB5): Is it worth $10 a month?

Published August 11, 2014 by thebeholdingeye

Yes, my daughter and I are absolutely subscription box junkies. What an ingenious way to try a variety of products (both drugstore level and high-end level) and have fun at the same time. The middle of the month when these boxes start arriving is like Christmas every month.

Today was our big day for the Beauty Box 5 (BB5) delivery and it definitely did not disappoint.

Here’s what the Beauty Box 5 looks like when you open it:

<img src=” photo 20140811_122228_zps8abe2238.jpg” alt=”” />

Five products and a card which describes the products contained in the box and their retail value. This month’s was really a WIN with lots of bang for your buck.

And now let’s look at each product:

<img src=”http:// photo 20140811_121459_zps67d47d1c.jpg” alt=”” />

Makeup junkies that we are, of course this gorgeous lipgloss was the first product we snatched up. It’s by #Nanacoco and is a gorgeous shade aptly named “Carmel Latte.” It’s a beige/pink/golden color that is truthfully a color I would grab up at the drugstore and wear. LOVE it. RETAIL VALUE: $3.99.

<img src=”http:// photo 20140811_121443_zps3bd4765e.jpg” alt=”” />

The next item to find its way into our sweaty, greedy little palms was this stunning nail color by #StyleEssentials in the color “Kelly Green.” Again, AMAZING. This is a color both my daughter and I would scoop up at the drugstore. At this point, we’re wondering if BB5 is stalking our social media and handpicking items PERFECT for our tastes. RETAIL VALUE: $7.00.

(Okay, for those of you keeping track, just those 2 full-sized items above would cost more than the monthly subscription fee…As Charlie Sheen would say, “WINNING!!!”

<img src=”http:// photo 20140811_121511_zps7cb6cadc.jpg” alt=”” />

Tearing ourselves away from the lipgloss and nail polish, this perfectly compact 8-pack of travel facial wipes catches our eyes. One can never have too many travel packs of facial wipes…for the car, in the purse, in the desk, just about anywhere, these gems come in handy. This is courtesy of the brand #LaFreshGroup.  They immediately went into my daughter’s purse. RETAIL VALUE: A 48-pack would be $19.99, so this sample is therefore in the $7-8 range.

<img src=” photo 20140811_121547_zps20a39875.jpg” alt=”” />

My daughter has a famously huge mane of gorgeous thick, naturally curly hair that hits her at about hip level. Hair products of any kind are always welcome in the BB5 box, and this month did NOT disappoint. Here, we have a full-sized 4-ounce bottle of #ROUXBeauty Anti-Aging Hair Serum. ROUX is a big drugstore brand that’s been around for as long as I can remember. I believe it’s claim to fame is for wash-in hair colors in just about any color one can imagine…only temporary and wash out easily (conversely, my mother once used one of their red rinses and it unexpectedly rained outside…I still have nightmares of being a 5-year-old and seeing streaks of bright red running down her face as she walked me to school…). I’m glad to see they’re branching out into other more on-trend products. This will definitely be used by my grateful daughter. RETAIL VALUE: $11.99.

<img src=”http:// photo 20140811_121526_zpsc5f6a24a.jpg” alt=”” />

Last but definitely not least is this travel-sized #Purlisse SPF-30 moisturizer. It seems all of the subscription boxes have been Pur-Lisse fanatics this season (and I personally will be relieved to have sunscreen products, no matter how fabulous, disappear from my boxes), but this brand is very high-end and very effective. It works very well on bare skin or under makeup. RETAIL VALUE: $55 for a 1.7-ounce tube; this is a 0.5-ounce tube, so this product would have a retail value of about $9.

So, let’s do the math here (and I suck at math so bear with me): 9 + 11.99 + 7.50 + 7.00 + 3.99 = Approximately $50.

Is BB5 worth the $10 subscription fee? I’d call $50 worth of products for $10 an absolute steal.

If you’d like to try out BB5 for yourself check it out here:

Consider subscription an early (and year-round) holiday gift for yourself. It’s definitely well worth it.

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