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Published October 6, 2014 by thebeholdingeye

Well, today’s mail call brought my first Glossybox, a monthly subscription box sponsored by Harper’s Bazaar touting a monthly assortment of their cream of the crop samples.  I’d been watching unboxings of Glossybox for awhile and sat on the fence for awhile.  Costing $21/month (the same as my much-beloved BoxyCharm), it just didn’t seem to pack the bunch of BoxyCharm.  However, being as BoxyCharm is predominantly makeup and Glossybox also contains high-end skincare products, I decided to give it a try for a couple of months and see if it passed my own personal bar for a subscription.

So, here we have it, the September Glossybox.



Lovely presentation and the box is really lovely, and I’m a sucker for black and white combos.

Okay, let’s get this lovely box ripped open and dive on in.


I should point out that large full-sized BB cream by Boscia is a bonus item I got for subscribing and not part of the monthly subscription. Which is good, because they sent me the color “BRONZE.” Yeah, my lily white skin is going to pass this product (which is supposed to be UH-MAZING, but definitely not my color) along to someone who can give it a good home. FAIL, Glossybox, right out of the proverbial gate…or box, as is the case here.

(RETAIL VALUE: $38…Or ZERO, in my case)

Okay, let’s get to the regular subscription box items. First up is this OCC Lip Tar. I won’t lie, I was hoping for Black Dahlia but received Authentic. Le sigh…I won’t call this a fail yet, though, as I understand the color doesn’t apply nearly as Jack-O-Lantern orange as it appears in the tube and is a great mixer for other colors, plus it *might* fall into my love of nude/taupe/brown lips that I prefer, if applied with a very light hand.


Next up is a luxe skincare treatment from Vichy, their Liftactiv Night. I love trying new skincare products and this sample is large enough to give it a try for about 10 days, so I’m happy about that.

(RETAIL VALUE: Approximately $12 – Full Size is 1.69 oz and $50).

Okay, now let’s take a look at the lovely Essie nail polish in the color Madison Ave-Hue. A little late in the season for this color and, while I would have preferred something a bit more Fall-friendly, I can see wearing this in a few (short) months when Spring is once again upon us.


Next in this box of mixed wonders is a very nice sample size of Bulgari Eau Parfumee Au The Blanc Conditioner. It smells wonderful (as do the Bulgari fragrances I’ve sampled). That being said, I’ve never had much luck with perfumed conditioners actually WORKING besides adding a temporary fragrance to my hair. I’ll try to go into this one with an open mind simply because, being Bulgari and considering the price for a full size of this product, it better be out-of-this-world FANTABULOUS.

(RETAIL VALUE ABOUT $15 – Full size is 6.76 OZ AND $45)

And last item up is a sample size of the much-ballyhooed Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real mascara. I’ve actually read mixed reviews about this product. Some users immediately loved it and made it a holy grail, whilst others gave it more of a ho-hum review. I guess I’ll find out for myself now that I can give it a try. It’s going to be hard to top my favorite mascara, Too Faced Better Than Sex, but I’ll go into it with an open mind.

(RETAIL VALUE ABOUT $5 – Full size is 0.3 oz and $23.00)

So, there we have it, the September Glossybox.

Would I choose Glossybox over Boxycharm, if I had to choose? NO. WAY. NO. HOW.

Will I give it another month to see if it gets better? Ummmm…Not sure, but at this point I’m thinking probably. Although a new subscription box, New England Sack, just launched and it’s spendy…I may cut Glossybox sooner to make room in the budget for NES. I’m obsessed with New England and that box just sounds custom-tailored for me. Well, that and the French Box, which should be arriving in the next week or so.

Okay, my lovelies, that’s it for this Glossybox review. If you’d like more information on Glossybox, here are some links for you to check out.


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