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BEAUTY BOX 5 FOR FREE? Details and link in blog…FREEBIE FRIDAY

Published August 22, 2014 by thebeholdingeye

Earlier in this blog, I reviewed my August BeautyBox5. It was a total WIN this month.

BeautyBox5 is now running a special promotional offer, buy the September box for $12 and get the August box for FREE. Use coupon code AUGUSTFREE and you’ll be on your way to getting your free box.

Here’s a link so you can jump on this. I’m sure supplies are limited so don’t delay!

BB5 link:

Stay beautiful!

QVC Beauty Tube: JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

Published August 19, 2014 by thebeholdingeye

Oh my my, it’s celebration day at Casa The Beholding Eye.  My much-ballyhooed first QVC Beauty Test Tube arrived today. My little black heart started pounding out of my chest as I tore into this baby. I ordered this directly from the QVC website and it’s an every-other-month subscription for $29.96 plus a few bucks shipping and handling. As it turns out, quite the bargain and by leaps and bounds my winner in the contest for best subscription box (or tube, in this case) this month.

Here’s what it looks like out of its pretty pink QVC box:

<img src=” photo 20140819_142424_zps648b214d.jpg” alt=”” />

It comes with an amazingly beautiful glossy magazine (about 500 pages, I believe), and the purple pamphlet describes each and every item in detail in full color. Such a nice finishing touch. I’d probably pay about $10 just for the magazine alone.

Here’s what it looks like pulling off the initial layer of protective tissue paper and peering down into the tube:

<img src=”http:// photo 20140819_142524_zps91f6f535.jpg” alt=”” />

Bottles and boxes and tubes, oh my!!!

<img src=”http:// photo 20140819_143332_zps969d10b2.jpg” alt=”” />

And there are the box contents spread out on that gorgeous magazine…My heart’s really at top speed now.

Let’s take a closer look at the products included.

<img src=” photo 20140819_143439_zps28788426.jpg” alt=”” />

<img src=” photo 20140819_143408_zps899b47c5.jpg” alt=”” />

<img src=” photo 20140819_143453_zps87f712c0.jpg” alt=”” />

Wow. Just…WOW.

Bliss Spa, Mally Beauty, Phytodefrisant, Kate Somerville, Philosophy, IT Cosmetics, Fresh…Ladies, it just doesn’t get any better than this. Every single one of these items is something I’ll use (and quickly as possible). QVC, this tube is a HOME RUN. Even the lip gloss, the brand of which I’m not familiar with, is a drop-dead peachy/pink shade that feels like butter on the lips.

My advice? Do not stop. Do not pass go. Do not collect the $200.

GO STRAIGHT TO QVC and sign up for this…I’m confident it’s the one beauty subscription that will never disappoint.

If you’d like to order yours (I believe this one is still available and you can choose Auto Shipment to enroll in the subscription service) here’s your link:

QVC website:

Until next time, stay beautiful…And feel free to follow me on Twitter:  @MrsMorelion

WANTABLE August Makeup Box: Is it worth your $40/month?

Published August 19, 2014 by thebeholdingeye

It’s going to be a great week for subscription box delivery, and my palms got sweaty as soon as I received an email notification that my WANTABLE box was crying for me to rescue it from my mailbox.  I was ecstatic to oblige.

Let’s just rip this baby open and get started.

<img src=”http:// photo 20140819_125823_zpsfd6e6368.jpg” alt=”” />

Ahhhhh…Full-sized products. After the Lilliputian journey that was the August Ipsy bag, these babies look downright gigantic.

First up is a full-sized jet black mascara by Elizabeth Mott, “It’s So Big.”

<img src=” photo 20140819_124844_zpsb0564518.jpg” alt=”” />

I tried to get a picture of the brush. Doing it with one hand shaking in excitement over the unboxing, the results aren’t great but here it is….Very similar to the brush on Too Faced Better Than Sex and other mascaras in the market:

<img src=” photo 20140819_124952_zpsed002890.jpg” alt=”” />

And next to find its way into my grubby (yet well-manicured) clutches was this gorgeous eyeliner by Mica Beauty Cosmetics in Silver. It’s a very soft pencil and swatches very easily with minimal pressure.
<img src=” photo 20140819_124607_zps976c2f26.jpg” alt=”” />

Next up is a clear brow gel by Billion Dollar Brows. Seems to have a very nice consistency and not too sticky or tacky.

<img src=”http:// photo 20140819_124801_zps103919f8.jpg” alt=”” />

And the last gem in the box is a Geri G. lip gloss creme in Peache. This is AMAZING. Great texture, great opaque color, and not sticky on the lips. My favorite out of the box.

<img src=”http:// photo 20140819_124654_zps018cd7bb.jpg” alt=”” />

Total Retail Value: $76.00
Subscription Cost: $40/monthly or $36/month with subscription

Now, some may feel this box is a bit pricey. I agree it might not be in every fashionista’s budget. Conversely, the products are of very good quality and are usually on a par with MAC or other higher-end, perhaps more well-known brands. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a less than great quality product in a Wantable box.

If you’d like more information on Wantable (which, by the way, also offers Accessory boxes and Intimates boxes, and will soon be launching a Yoga-inspired box!), feel free to follow the yellow brick road below…You might just find that you love it as much as I do.


And feel free to follow yours truly on Twitter: @MrsMorelion

Birchbox for CEW Beauty Box (and how I got it for free)

Published August 18, 2014 by thebeholdingeye

Birchbox has a promotion going at the moment where you can choose boxes specially curated by the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Insiders’ Choice Beauty Awards. I had enough Birchbox points accrued from purchases and product reviews, as well as a code for free shipping, that allowed me to get a box for free. The choices were “Mass Appeal” and “Prestige Appeal.” While both boxes had good product content, I opted for the “Mass Appeal” box as it contained the most products I know I’ll be using.

Let’s take a closer look at the “Mass Appeal” box contents.

<img src="http:// photo 20140818_125622_zpsc3bc7d55.jpg” alt=”” />

These are the products included with this particular box. I loved it as soon as my greedy but well-manicured fingers pried the lid off.

Here’s a closer look at the various products:

<img src=" photo 20140818_125641_zps647c0d7f.jpg” alt=”” />

The Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss is amazing, in that “your lips but better” kind of way, and not sticky at all. Really pleased with that one…nice choice, Birchbox! And that little purse-friendly tub of Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips? TOTALLY in love with that one and, even though it looks small, I need so little product to cover my lips that it’s going to last me quite awhile. I’ve been wanting to try the L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara, so I’m really excited to give this a test drive.

<img src=" photo 20140818_125712_zpsb288da94.jpg” alt=”” />

The remaining products include a travel-sized Dove Go Fresh Body Wash that smells absolutely amazing. So amazing that as soon as I publish this blog, I’m going to hop into a hot shower with it. There is also a HUGE 4-ounce size of Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer with SPF 15. I’ve used this product before and just loved it (Simple had sent me a very generous 1 ounce “sample” bottle of it a few months ago, and it covered me for quite awhile). This jumbo bottle is perfect for light daytime moisture, especially during spring and summer months. Also included is a full-sized TRESemme Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Serum. I’m normally a total devotee to John Frieda’s amazing Frizz Ease but I’m always open to trying new products. This one gets good reviews, so I’ll be using it (probably as soon as I get out of the shower from trying the new Dove body wash).

There were no retail prices on these, but even without running a price check on these items, a “guess-timation” of $30 is probably too low. Off the top of my ginger head, I believe the mascara retails for around $10 and the Burt’s lip gloss for around $8, so there’s $18 right there with just those 2 items. Considering I was able to score the box for absolutely no money out of my pocket, it’s a total WIN for me. Here’s the product card listing the contents:

<img src=" photo 20140818_125737_zps4257822b.jpg” alt=”” />

I believe there are still boxes available, so if you’re a Birchbox subscriber who has points to redeem or if you’re new to Birchbox and would like to purchase the box, here is the link to their website. All in all, this CEW box is fabulous, and totally makes up for the lackluster August box I reviewed last week.

For those new to Birchbox, they have an amazing rewards program where points are accumulated very quickly and can be redeemed to purchase products through their Birchbox store…or you can save them up like I did and score free swag.

Birchbox = WINNING!



Until next time, stay beautiful!!!

Ipsy August 2014 Glam Bag: Lilliputian-Palooza!

Published August 16, 2014 by thebeholdingeye

Okay, first of all, I entirely agree that the samples this month are…well, let’s just say “dainty.” Conversely, most of the products are of exceptional quality and it’s nice to be able to sample them. And, yes, I definitely mean sample. As you’ll see below, a handful of uses at best is what you’ll get out of this month’s munchkin-sized delights. Well, let’s just jump on over to the Land of Lilliputian.

Here’s the bag and its contents. Speaking of the bag, not really feeling it this month, Ipsy. Feels like something I’d just hand off to my kindergarten student for their pencils. The pattern was cute but I wasn’t prepared for the crumpled way it arrived nor the Dollar Store material. But, I digress. Let’s move on to what was in the bag:

<img src=" photo IMG_20140816_1115431_zps8e34494a.jpg” alt=”” />

And the first thing, which was outside of the bag, is a sample-sized Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. I love UD products, and I’m going to pretty much love anything called “Perversion.” I’ve heard really good things about this mascara so I’ll definitely put aside my Too Faced Better Than Sex to give this a whirl:

<img src=" photo 20140816_1120321_zpsb0f13f56.jpg” alt=”” />

Next up is a diminutive Lord & Taylor eyeliner in Black Silk (and when they put “Mini” on the pencil, they weren’t kidding). It did swatch nicely on my hand but any eyeliner is going to have to offer a whole lot of something to pry me away from my Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero.

<img src=" photo 20140816_112011_zps44ed711b.jpg” alt=”” />

Now we’ll move on to the lip balm by “You’re The Balm,” which is actually full-sized…but unfortunately smells and tastes like a hefty dose of Dimetap. Not my favorite flavor but if it works well, I’ll deal with that issue.

<img src="http:// photo 20140816_111910_zps105395e8.jpg” alt=”” />

Next up is one of my favorite brands, Dr. Brandt, with the “Pores No More” tinted facial primer. There’s not a lot in this tube, but was enough for me to fall in love with it with a single small dot to my hand. Blended like a dream, perfect color, and left my skin feeling like silk. This I’ll definitely consider purchasinging in full-size form. WINNING!

<img src=" photo 20140816_111935_zps81b8e975.jpg” alt=”” />

Next up is a try-it size duo of Coastal Scents “Forever Blush.” I’ve had really good luck with Coastal Scents products, and their “Revealed” palettes are seriously a dead-on dupe for Urban Decay’s “Naked” palettes at a fraction of the price. This little duo looks like it might be a dupe for Clinique’s blush/bronze duo, which I love. I’m looking forward to trying this out and, if I like it, would definitely consider purchasing the full-sized product, especially with that nice little discount coupon that came with the sample.

<img src=" photo 20140816_1118461_zps23ace180.jpg” alt=”” />

This brings us to the last little goody in this month’s bag, which is a “beauty schooled” card, where they encouraged their GlamBag subscribes to write their best beauty advice on the card, photograph it, and send it via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

While tempted to write, SIZE MATTERS!, I instead controlled my inner snark and decided on SMILE. It’s the one thing that makes us all even lovelier than we already are.

<img src=" photo 20140816_114526_zpsc93fe1e7.jpg” alt=”” />

So that’s it in a nutshell (and all of these products could practically fit in a nutshell) for the August Glambag. Was it disappointing? Yeah, kinda/sorta. I’d have loved larger products or at least a different flavored/scented lip balm but, hey, it’s only $10/month and usually has a cute little bag to go with it. Summer is winding down and I’m hopeful next month’s GlamBag will be more satisfying. I didn’t bother with retail values. To be honest, I think all of these (except the balm) are things you could probably get for free at Sephora or Ulta as hand-out samples if you’re near one.

Hopefully the September GlamBag shouldn’t require a “CHOKING HAZARD” label.

If you’d like more information on Ipsy, here are links to their website and to their Facebook page:



Until next time, stay beautiful!!!

Birchbox August 2014 Box: Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Begins Now

Published August 16, 2014 by thebeholdingeye

Well, the second unboxing today was that of the Birchbox August box. I had seen a preview of the products I would be getting this month, and it didn’t excite me as it usually does, with the exception of a “bonus” item that I personally chose. I was tempted to title this blog WHAT’S THAT SMELL? (for reasons you’ll read about below) but decided to employ a little restraint.

Here’s the box opened with its contents on display:

<img src=" photo 20140816_112852_zps83fe65f0.jpg” alt=”” />

The picture is pretty self-explanatory so let’s just dive on in…

First is a shampoo and conditioner by Neil George in a decent travel size. I don’t mind getting the occasional hair product in my box but…well, when half the box is hair product, it doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies. Especially with the way these babies smell. Ye gads. I’m not sure if this product is geared towards the male demographic or if it’s becoming trendy to want to smell like men’s (cheap) aftershave, but…Oy! These will go safely to the back of my cabinet and only used in the event of extreme emergency. Like the Zombie Apocalypse has struck and I cannot leave my residence to buy anything else to use.

<img src=" photo 20140816_112920_zpsc1565783.jpg” alt=”” />

After that sensory explosion, the next item I decided to check out was something a little less…”fragrant.” Here we have a trial size of Paula’s Choice Resist Intensive Wrinkle Repair Retinol Serum. This appears to be a fairly decent trial size. I’ve heard great things about Paula’s Choice products, so I’ll definitely be taking this baby for a spin.

<img src=" photo 20140816_113021_zps93710f3e.jpg” alt=”” />

Next is the BIG WINNER of this box. This baby almost makes up for the olfactory attack of the Neil George shampoo and conditioner. This is a Whish Coconut Milk CC Body Cream and, wow, does it smell like a piece of confection heaven! If anyone has ever smelled the popular Votre Vu hand cream, this product is, to my sniffer, almost an exact duplicate of that product. This smells amazing. I’ll definitely be using up this tube and buying a full-sized one as well.

<img src=" photo 20140816_112937_zps398b50b2.jpg” alt=”” />

The last item is a Laura Geller Beauty Cool Lids Cream Eyeshadow in Silver Sands. This is the bonus product I selected myself because, well, it’s Laura Geller and it’s a great neutral color. It did not disappoint. This little tube will last me for awhile, so this was a winner, too (but not as great as that Whish body cream…yum!).

<img src="http:// photo 20140816_112954_zpsb6aa4a9f.jpg” alt=”” />

So, there we have it, the somewhat disappointing August BirchBox. Although tempted to cancel since I don’t want to collect too many “just in case” products for a possible Zombie Apocalypse, I’m going to give them another month, as their previous boxes have been pretty good.

For $10/month, it’s usually a bargain.

If you’d like more information on BirchBox (or if you’d like to start your own Zombie Apocalypse stash with that Neil George set above), here’s a link to their website and their Facebook page. As I said, it’s normally a nice little $10/box and I’ve had no previous complaints.

Website Link:

LIP MONTHLY: 5 Full-Sized Products and A Bag for $10?

Published August 16, 2014 by thebeholdingeye


It’s a Happy Saturday at Casa TheBeholdingEye with the mail carrier three (3!!!) subscription boxes today. I actually saved what I had hoped would be the best for last to open, but now sharing the best of the 3 first.

Lip Monthly is a relatively new subscription service, offering 5 full-sized products (4 lip/1 mix-up) per month, both drugstore and higher-end brands, for $10/month. And starting this month, they’re even sending the products in a totally adorbs lippie-adorned bag.

Let’s dive on in. Here’s the bag and its contents:

<img src=” photo 20140816_113430_zps531e1fa5.jpg” alt=”” />

Yep, sure enough…5 full-sized products, a descriptor card, and that spiffy bag!

Let’s take a closer look at that bag. It’s really cute and deserves its own picture:

<img src=” photo 20140816_113201_zpsa1815c9d.jpg” alt=”” />

Okay, now for the products. First, we have a full-sized City Color Be Matte lipstick in “Phoebe,” a really lovely pinkish/coral shade that swatches very nicely, good pigment with a matte finish. Not a shade I’ll wear every day but definitely one that I will wear.


<img src=”http:// photo 20140816_113525_zpsa12511b6.jpg” alt=”” />

Next up we have a full-sized Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics lip gloss in “Lip Lock.” It’s a really pretty shade of sparkly pink…That I could never wear, so I’m passing this one on to my daughter. She will LOVE this shade. Admittedly, I didn’t swatch this one because it clearly isn’t a color that would flatter my complexion.


<img src=” photo 20140816_113550_zps67b9d828.jpg” alt=”” />

The next full-sized product is a new product (so new I’m not sure it’s been released yet), but it’s a City Color Cosmetics Magic Balm. It goes onto your lips clear and the color develops as it warms up to your body temperature. Pretty clever, City Color Cosmetics! I’ll be keeping this little gem.


<img src=” photo 20140816_113604_zpsbd1deeab.jpg” alt=”” />

The last lip product is a full-sized City Color Cosmetics lip balm in the shade “Ultra Pink.” It swatches more to the coral side than to the pink side and is a very wearable color. I think I’ll be reaching for this one quite a bit for everyday wear.


<img src=” photo 20140816_113640_zps8179226a.jpg” alt=”” />

And that brings us to the 5th item in the bag, the “Monthly Mix-Up.” This month it is a full-sized Pixi by Petra Lid Last Eye Shadow Pen in the color “590” (a pretty neutral gold/taupe color). Pixi has great products. I didn’t bother to swatch this one because I’m familiar with Pixi products and this color is definitely one I would purchase for myself.


<img src=” photo 20140816_113504_zpseb125760.jpg” alt=”” />

So, there it is. My first Lip Monthly subscription bag, retail value approximately $34. Not a bad deal for $10 a month (and did I mention that adorable bag, too???).

If you’re interested in more information about Lip Monthly, here are links to both their website and their Facebook page. (PS: SPECIAL CODE “SUMMERLIPS” AT CHECKOUT FOR $6.99 ON YOUR FIRST BAG…COPY AND PASTE LINK BELOW TO START YOUR SUBSCRIPTION!).


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